Baggage/Fees/Fare Information

Optional Service

Additional Charge

Unaccompanied Minor

$50.00 per flight segment

Pet in Cabin
(must be in a carrier that fits under seat)

$50.00 per flight segment

Carry On Baggage*   Complimentary (1 per paying passenger)

Checked Baggage*
(Golf clubs and skis are checked at the same cost as
checked baggage)

First Bag $0.00 (up to 30lbs)
Second Bag $30.00
Third Bag $75.00

Overweight and Oversized Bags

$30.00 additional

Changes / Cancellations* $25.00 per person, per segment plus the difference in fare applies when changing travel dates and/or destinations or cancelling. $25.00 per person, per segment plus the difference in fare applies when transferring ticket from one passenger to another.


*All fees paid are non-refundable, except should ViaAir lose the corresponding baggage permanently. 
Cancellations within 48 hours of depature or no-show are subject to full fare.

Fare Code Rate Type Changeable? Cancellable? Notes
Y Full Fare $25/segment
anytime prior to departure
Up to 48hrs prior, minus $25/segment Full fare; Always Available; Least Restrictions
Q Affordable Fare No - Non Refundable Rate varies based on time out to departure
(i.e. A7, seven days out, A30, thirty days out)
X Discounted Fare Limited availability based on seat allocation per flight
M Marketing/Promo Fare Limited availability based on promotional terms and seat allocation per flight

Ticketing and Baggage Procedures for connecting flights in CLT or BWI not on ViaAir:

While ViaAir is currently working towards interline partnerships with other carriers that will allow the purchase, ticketing and baggage transfer of connections with other carriers from beginning to end of travel, these options are not yet in place.

When travelling on a ViaAir flight with connections to other carriers in CLT or BWI, please note the following:

  • ALL checked baggage will require that you leave the secured area upon arrival to CLT or BWI, collect your bags from ViaAir or the other carrier and recheck those bags at the counter of your connecting carrier (either the other airline on outbound or ViaAir for returns)
  • If you have carry-on only, there is no need to exit security, you can continue to your gate with carryon and if boarding pass for ViaAir or other carrier is needed, it can be provided in the gate area by simply showing a government issued, photo id.
  • In CLT, all connections are made by just following signage between terminal without leaving the secured area.
  • In BWI, if you are connecting to or from a carrier outside of the D terminal, please let one of our representatives know, as ViaAir is the only carrier to provide our passengers an exclusive shuttle option that will transfer passengers between terminals without requiring they exit and re-enter security.
  • When inbound on ViaAir, the shuttle picks up straight from the arrival gate in D terminal and will take passengers and carryon baggage to a drop off point between B and C terminal (this also allows for access to A terminal without leaving secured area)
  • When connecting outbound to ViaAir from another inbound flight in BWI outside of D terminal, representatives will be at a meeting point outside of the restaurant Firkin & Flyer just before the entrance to C terminal. They will be accepting passengers up to 40 min prior to departure time for transfer to D terminal.